Have an adventure with the kids in North Brabant, the Netherlands...

Inspiration for your holiday or day out. Brabant: the place to be

North Brabant, a Dutch province with beautiful historical and trendy cities, colourful landscapes and fantastic countryside always around the corner. Plenty to do all year round.

All the ingredients for a wonderful holiday or day out with the whole family. Quality time and being together come first. Go on a treetop adventure, be enchanted by the most beautiful fairy tales, get an adrenaline rush from an exciting roller coaster or go down a huge slide, enjoy time in or on the water, go on endless cycling and walking trips or visit one of the many cultural centres and great industrial heritage sites. Foodies will also feel at home in this province where good food is inextricably linked to hospitality. Stay for several days and every day will feel like a new holiday. Would you like to know more? Be inspired by the small selection in this magazine and check out visitbrabant.com for even more options!

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Cycling and walking adventures

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Museum and castle adventures

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Water adventures

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Park adventures

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Play adventures, indoors and outdoors

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Tips from Locals

Local Vivianne

"Meet Vincent van Gogh in Vincentre Nuenen"

Local Claire

“Cuddle the alpacas at the alpaca farm in Vorstenbosch"

Local Florence

“Cuddle the goats at Geitenhoeve farm in Tilburg”

Local Bianca

“Wander through the sand in the Loon and Drunen Dunes”

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