Discover our Top Scenic Routes, carefree enjoyment of the Brabant countryside

Enjoy a wonderful selection of carefully marked scenic routes. These recommended Top Scenic Routes will lead you to the most beautiful spots in the Brabant landscape. And all these routes make use of the ingenious local network of numbered junctions.

Walking through ancient forests, cycling along a maze of meandering rivers and losing yourself in exciting stories and rich history. Brabant is an absolute Top destination when it comes to natural scenery. Here you can enjoy peace, quiet and space in every season. Moreover, there is plenty of wildlife to spot, and you can enjoy the welcoming pavement cafes along the route, too.

Salty, sweet, delicious

This food route takes you on a culinary voyage of discovery through the region of West Brabant, with delightful stories about the local food culture. You can experience and taste these stories on specially marked walking and cycling routes past many delectable locations.

West Brabant has a particularly varied landscape; there are vast grassy riverbanks, stunning nature reserves, beautiful coastal areas and unique freshwater tidal wetlands. The farmlands are often on soil rich in clay brought by the sea, which gives the crops a specific taste. These fertile grounds are used mainly for rye, wheat, oats, potatoes, rapeseed and sugar beet. The sandy areas at slightly higher altitude, located mainly in the east of West Brabant, are used for cattle. The generous smiles of the farmers, fishermen and top chefs will make you feel right at home. This is the famous Brabant hospitality. Taste the pride of West Brabant, the triple delight: superior anchovies, salty asparagus and blushing strawberries. Wonderful products that are of course widely available when they are in season. Discover this region’s sweet history of sugar and enjoy the special local wines and beers.

There are even more inspiring food routes to choose from. Because good food is one of the things that make North Brabant so appealing. With no fewer than 24 Michelin stars, a food sector that is leading in Europe and a rich tradition as creators and cooks of delicious and sustainable food, we have plenty to be proud of.

How does the numbered junction system work?

The excellently maintained junction network in North Brabant is part of a national system and meets the highest quality standards. You simply cycle or walk from number to number on mostly flat roads and paths. The possibilities are unlimited. On little signposts along the side of the road, you can see the numbers of the nearest junctions and arrows pointing to where to find them. At each main junction there is a bigger sign noting the network you are on and the distances to all the other junctions on that network. The system makes it very easy to plan and change your route. Getting lost is a thing of the past!

Brabant cycling and walking maps

Which parts of Brabant would you like to discover on foot or by bike? With the latest Brabant cycling and walking maps you can be sure that you will experience a beautiful journey! These maps include every junction number.