Museum and castle adventures

Being a knight for a day or ruling as a prince or princess in your own castle. Who doesn't dream of that? It’s more than just a fairy tale. Go back in time and experience your own castle adventure in one of Brabant’s castles. Or imagine yourself in a completely different world in one of Brabant's museums. A museum visit is anything but boring, because here you can learn all about dinosaurs, the animal world, modern art or prehistoric times.

Helmond Castle

In this, the largest moated castle in the Netherlands you'll meet castle residents from centuries past and experience the castle story. How was the castle built, what was its function during war and what kinds of lives did its residents have? In the summer, children can play to their hearts’ content during the summer experiences where they can dress up as princesses or knights, play castle games and explore the grounds.

Heeswijk Castle

Experience a history marked by almost a thousand years of power, pride and culture of the Brabant elite, prominently located in the Aa river valley, close to ’s-Hertogenbosch. Children will love exploring the place. Find the secret stairs and corridors in the castle, climb the tower, try on a knight's helmet, or listen to the castle’s intriguing stories.

Markiezenhof in Bergen op Zoom

As the oldest city palace in the Netherlands, the Markiezenhof (Marquis’ court) is a must-visit for everyone with an interest in heritage and history. With temporary exhibitions, a fairground museum and surprising activities such as falconry shows and treasure hunts, visitors of all ages will have all they can wish for.

Castles may be great for an adventure, but there’s also plenty to do in all the great museums that Brabant has to offer. And plenty to learn! Whether it's history, biology, art or vehicles. Check out this selection of museums in Brabant that are great fun to visit with the whole family.

Natuurmuseum Brabant


Come and enjoy this family museum about the life of plants and animals, and by extension also about the life of humans. Voted the best kids-friendly museum in Brabant, and for good reason!

PreHistoric Village


In the preHistorisch Dorp (preHistoric Village) in Eindhoven young and old learn about 15,000 years of history in and around Eindhoven. Take a trip back in time and discover how the first farmers tended to their fields and animals, what the Romans did in the region and what a prehistoric hunt looked like.

Biesbosch Museum Island


Spot ospreys and white-tailed eagles from your boat in De Biesbosch National Park and then search for beaver tracks and castles by boat and on foot. Afterwards, head to the museum to learn more about water management and the importance of the area. The island is also home to a splash park; a 30 x 30-metre scale model of the Biesbosch.

Van Abbemuseum


Whether you're into architecture or modern and contemporary art, the Van Abbemuseum is the right place for you. Both the building and the art collection are very impressive. Every Saturday afternoon, children between the ages of 6 and 12 can attend the Children's Art Club. After a guided tour of the museum, the kids can create their own work of art based on a theme.

Museum Klok en Peel


Museum Klok & Peel has found a unique way to showcase how National Park De Groote Peel has developed over the past ten thousand years. The museum also has the largest collection of swinging bells and carillons in the world. Children (adults too, of course) may ring bells or play the carillon under the supervision of an attendant. Special activities are regularly organised, for example during the holiday periods.



Do you know how fabrics are made? What about the fabrics you are wearing right now? The TextielMuseum will show you this and more. The TextielMuseum is a museum in operation. Besides the inspiring exhibitions you can see how fabrics are developed and produced and you will be able to look into the designers’ workshops.

Stedelijk Museum


A fun day out with the family: discover the history and art of Breda together at the Stedelijk Museum (city museum). Let your children explore the collection at their own pace with the special art hunt or go for a (historical) walk together.

Kempenmuseum de Acht Zaligheden


Discover, play and enjoy in this wonderful museum, just below Eindhoven in the beautiful Kempen countryside. Kempenmuseum De Acht Zaligheden shows how the life of the impoverished Kempish smallholder has changed in 100 years. You can see how the Kempen people lived, worked and survived, at a time when farmers could barely survive on the meagre heathland soil.

Noordbrabants Museum


Louis Ernest of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, "the fat duke”, will take you on a treasure hunt for the whole family through this museum that was once his palace. The hunt takes you through both the temporary exhibitions and the permanent museum displays. The museum's beautiful courtyard is also a great place to relax in the summer! Noordbrabants Museum forms the Museum Quarter together with the Design Museum Den Bosch.

DAF Museum


Crazy about cars? Step into the world of DAF and find out everything you need to know about the history of this world-famous vehicle manufacturer. There is a large collection of trucks and passenger cars. A fun treasure hunt through the museum will show you everything!



This largest geological museum in the Netherlands will help you learn everything about prehistoric times and let you walk among lifelike dinosaurs and other extinct animals! The unusual fossils will take you back in time, while in the beautiful prehistoric garden you will discover not only 'living fossils' but also many special trees and shrubs.



Imagine yourself in the Brabant countryside around 1900 and see with your own eyes how butter and cheese used to be made. Be sure to take a look at the authentic farm (with live and very pettable animals), the welcoming village square with workers’ houses, farms and a country school.

Bakery Museum De Grenswachter


This bakery museum is one of four bakery museums in the Netherlands. You can get a guided tour of the mill, but the best part is of course doing some baking yourself. How about a Brabant sausage roll, or an eierkoek, a kind of sweet bread? Are you baker enough?

Philips Stadium


If your child plays football then this is a must; a tour through the Philips Stadium, home base of football club PSV. You can see the pitch, walk through the players' tunnel, answer questions in the press centre and even sit in your favourite player's spot in the dressing room! The PSV Museum showcases the rich history of the club.

Museum Overloon

In May 1946, just one year after the liberation of the Netherlands, this War Museum on the former battlefield near Overloon opened its doors. This makes it the oldest museum about the Second World War in Western Europe, and the largest war museum in the Netherlands. A large part of the collection was actually used during the Battle of Overloon in September 1944! Unique to the museum is the 3-metre high bicycle bridge, meaning you can also cycle through the museum. This permanent bridge is part of the cycle route ‘On the other side’, which connects the museum with the British and German military cemeteries nearby.

National Monument Camp Vught

Maybe not the first thing you think of for a day out with children, but it will leave an impression! National Monument Camp Vught is located on the site of the only former SS concentration camp in the Netherlands, just five kilometres from the centre of 's-Hertogenbosch. By means of hundreds of objects, personal stories, light, sound and modern technology, the one and a half year period during which this camp was operational is brought to life. There is a stone model in the outside area showing how big the camp was and how many buildings there were.

Tivoli Observatory


Sterrenwacht Tivoli is not only the oldest observatory in the Netherlands, but also the highest. Enjoy an unobstructed view of the horizon and the observers’ stories. The unique planetarium from 1963 impresses everyone who is interested in science and astronomy. A visit to the observatory can also be combined with a visit to the Basilica of Oudenbosch, a 1:16 scale copy of the St Peter’s in Rome.