Weekend Trip

Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek & Oisterwijk

Day 1

Spot the Big Five at Beekse Bergen

Many people know Hilvarenbeek in the centre of Brabant because of Beekse Bergen Safari Park, the largest wildlife safari park in Europe. You can spot the Big Five while going through the vast park; on foot, by bus, boat or car. In Beekse Bergen Safari Resort, you can stay the night in a detached lodge, a safari tent or a treehouse, waking up to a view of the magnificent savannahs and the wild animals that live there. Or come enjoy the Brabant outdoors and the beautiful Lake Victoria at Beekse Bergen Holiday Park. And don’t forget adventure park Speelland at Beekse Bergen, where the kids can have the time of their lives and even swim outdoors if the weather is right.

Did you know that this part of Brabant is also called the green heart of Brabant? With miles of excellent cycling and walking? Everything is within reach. So make the most of your weekend at Beekse Bergen!

Naturally, Safaripark Beekse Bergen has also taken the necessary measures to ensure everyone’s safety. For example, pick-up points have been set up at the catering establishments, you can walk through the park in only one direction for now, and disinfection gel is provided at the toilet facilities. Safaripark Beekse Bergen also has a maximum number of visitors per day. In order to monitor this maximum and to be able to guarantee your visit, it is mandatory for guests to book access to the park online in advance and to choose a time slot.

Day 2

Discover the Green Heart of Brabant

How about a nice walk to one of the most spectacular viewpoints of Brabant, d'n Flaestoren? In den Bockenreyder, a beautiful traditional inn and a great place to have lunch, is the perfect starting point.

Or head to the northeast of Hilvarenbeek and visit the lovely village of Oisterwijk. Known for De Lind high street with its welcoming pavement cafes and beautiful boutiques. Be sure to also visit Leerfabriek-KVL in Oisterwijk, just on the other side of the rail tracks. This old leather factory is a beautiful piece of heritage that now houses all kinds of companies. For example, enjoy art at Sundaymorning@ekwc, the European Ceramic Work Centre that attracts artists and architects from all over the world. But you can also sneak a peek behind the bakery scenes and see Master Baker and Patissier Robèrt van Beckhoven at work.

Fill your picnic basket with delicious bakeware from bij Robèrt or settle down at restaurant Keuken van Leer for a delicious lunch. From here you can cycle to the fairytale-like Oisterwijk forests and fens. The meres in these woods are a sight to behold. Go on an adventure together in search of the most amazing birds and insects. Start out at the Groot Speijck visitor centre, for example, with the OERRR kids’ forest directly behind the restaurant. This is the starting point of three routes especially developed for children. Or begin your walk at Boshuis Venkraai or Restaurant Meneer van Eijck. Tip: check the website of Natuurtheater Oisterwijk at Boscafé De Rode Lelie for an outdoor performance in the forest! And the kids will know exactly what to do in the large playground next to the forest cafe. The perfect end to a beautiful day!