National Park Loon and Drunen Dunes

Did you know that North Brabant has no fewer than 4 National Parks? One of them is one of the largest sand-drift areas in Europe. We’re talking about National Park The Loon and Drunen Dunes, in the heart of North Brabant.

A beautiful, vast area with forests and heathlands. And of course a lot of sand. It is not without reason that this nature reserve is also called the Sahara of Brabant.

A wonderful area for young and old, all year round! When the heather is in bloom in late summer. Or in autumn when the leaves turn into gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows. Of course in spring, but also in the ice cold winter when the frost on the ground creates a beautiful white glow in the wintery sun. It's one big outdoor playground!

Not only for a lovely walk or bike ride, but also for one of the most challenging mountain bike trails in the Netherlands. The impressive sand dunes will make your calves burn! Need a break? Sit yourself down at the large pavement cafe of De Roestelberg, at Natuurpoort De Drie Linden, or let your children loose in the fun playground at recreational park Het Genieten. This park boasts a brasserie, water playground in summer, and an indoor playground for when it's raining.

If you are in need of some excitement, Brabant is the place to be!