Discover creative hotspots in Tilburg

Tilburg is a rough-around-the-edges and experimental city which is easy to explore on foot. A great place to start are the Piushaven docks. This area has been transformed from a bit of a backwater to a trendy hotspot. So copy the people of Tilburg; take some time to relax and take in the city from the water.

What you certainly shouldn't miss during your visit to Tilburg is the Spoorzone; an area of 75 hectares along the railway and next to the station. In recent years, the Spoorzone has grown from an unused rail yard into an industrial-chic city landscape where the sense of hard work by people past is well mixed with relaxation and events. There’s places to live, work and relax in alternating old-fashioned and modern styles. One place that really embodies the Spoorzone is Doloris. This old post office has been transformed into a surrealistic maze with a rooftop bar. You'll pass it, so grab your chance and immerse yourself in the maze (book in advance). But LocHal is also worth a visit. LocHal, where generations of workers from Tilburg tinkered with trains, is now the new living room of the city. It houses the city library and more. In 2019, LocHal was declared World's Building of the Year.

Just next to Tilburg Central Station you will find the new Spoorpark. This park has been designed for all ages and is a very nice place to visit!

A little walk from the station is De Pont, museum of contemporary art, with the beautiful artwork 'Sky Mirror' by Anish Kapoor just outside the entrance.

The TextielMuseum, housed in a former textile factory, is also located behind the station and not far from De Pont. With inspiring exhibitions in the fields of art, design, fashion and heritage.