Weekend trip

Willemstad, Geertruidenberg & the Biesbosch National Park

Day 1

Willemstad is located on the Hollands Diep waterway and has a lovely picturesque harbour. You can discover the Dutch history of this wonderful fortified town from Het Mauritshuis visitor centre. Stroll through the old alleyways and admire the historic fortifications. Or go on a boat trip and explore the Hollands Diep. You can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants, attractively situated beside the water.

Fort Sabina in Willemstad is the largest fort in North Brabant and has been beautifully preserved. It was built by Napoleon in 1811 as protection against the British. Inhabitants of Willemstad took refuge here during the Second World War. Exhibitions and events often take place here. For a delicious lunch, go to De Kletsmajoor which is located in the impressive vaults of this large barracks.

Did you know that the Willemstad defences include more forts? The forts De Hel and Bovensluis also form part of the Southern Water Defence Line.

Day 2

This is a must see if you’re here: the Biesbosch National Park. A unique fresh water tidal area with willow beds and creeks. If you sail through this area you might forget you are in the Netherlands! And you might even spot a beaver.

The Biesbosch Centre occupies a beautiful position in the picturesque village of Drimmelen. You can explore the surroundings by foot or bike. Or get into a boat and discover the Biesbosch National Park from the water. There are various ferries that will take you across, and the skipper will often have a wonderful story to tell. About Geertruidenberg, for example, a beautiful fortified town located in the Biesbosch.

The fortified town of Geertruidenberg is often known as the ‘Biesbosch Garrison’, due to its relationship with the area which goes back centuries. Walk beside the beautifully preserved defence canals, fortifications and ravelins. Or relax at a pavement café with views of the historic market place with its linden trees, listed buildings and the lovely Geertruidskerk church. You can also climb up the church tower!

Did you know that the Biesbosch National Park is partly in North Brabant and partly in South Holland?

The Biesbosch MuseumEiland is located in Werkendam. It’s an architectural masterpiece in the middle of beautiful countryside. The museum displays the past, present and future of the Biesbosch, but above all it shows how people have shaped the area and have always made a living from it. The island is also the perfect starting point for lovely cycling, walking and sailing trips in the Biesbosch. The Biesbosch MuseumEiland can easily be combined with a day out in Dordrecht or a visit to Loevestein Castle.

Photo: Tilleman