Gastronomy in North Brabant

These chefs from North Brabant are cooking their hearts out. With no fewer than 19 Michelin stars, North Brabant is a must-see for people who enjoy gastronomic delights. But it's not just these gastronomic stars that shine bright this year. You can also discover other culinary delights in this food region where chefs use all their creativity and love of great products, often grown here in North Brabant, to create delicious meals. How about enjoying a gastronomic highlight in a chapel converted into a pop-up restaurant, or a delectable lunch in the place where Van Gogh was born? Allow yourself to be pampered by our hosts and hostesses - they're ready to welcome you with delicious food and the famous hospitality of North Brabant every day.

North Brabant culinary gems

Oriental Greenhouse


De Lindehof


Restaurant de Zwaan


Restaurant Taste


Restaurant ’t Lieve Leven


Restaurant Zout & Citroen


Soenil Bahadoer - De Lindehof

“Taste is emotion, it makes connections and sparks discussion. Taste is my driving force.”

Bram Helleman - Restaurant Zout & Citroen

“The most important ingredients in a dish are the ones you can't see, but you can taste and feel them: love and passion.”

Mike van Strien - Restaurant Taste