Discover the Maashorst

There is wonderful cycling and walking to be enjoyed in the Maashorst, one of the Netherlands’ most beautiful primeval areas. This is a unique nature reserve in North Brabant where the countryside is in charge. Trees, plants and animals rule here, just as they always did.

Look out for bison, bulls and Exmoor ponies, the original inhabitants of this area, and search for the fault line that is a natural gem on the landscape. Discover historical excavations and the Maashorst’s other treasures. Follow your primeval instinct!

Cycling in Brabant

What better way to explore Brabant than by bicycle? We offer Europe’s longest itegrated cycle route network. Cycle through towns, across heathland, through woods and past quaint villages.

Docus the badger Adventure Path

Run, climb, grab, enjoy, relax, balance and discover; go on an adventure in the Maashort with Docus de Das (Docus the Badger), a route especially for children. They will experience an exciting adventure with fun play equipment. They will learn a lot about the countryside by answering the questions, such as ‘do you know why moles are blind’?

The route starts from the Charme Campsite Hartje Groen, one of North Brabant’s top campsites. You can find out more about this and other top campsites in Brabant here.

Want to discover more of the countryside in North Brabant?

Local Audrey

“The Mastbos forest: recommended at any time of the year!”

Local Florence

“Alpaca walking, recommended for all ages”

Local Bianca

“Wander through the sand in the Loon and Drunen Dunes”

Local Ingrid

“Playing and having fun on De Pelen pixie pathway”

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