Come and experience Africa, right in the middle of North Brabant

A visit to Safaripark Beekse Bergen, the largest wildlife safari park in Benelux, is unique, educational and unforgettable all at the same time - and for the whole family.

Especially if you sleep over in the holiday park or the brand new Safari Resort for example. Find out what nature does to you! Discover the world of the Beekse Bergen…

Surround yourself by lions, elephants, penguins, hippos, crocodiles and rhinos and imagine you are on an African savannah. Have an adventure with real rangers through this extensive area by safari bus or boat. Or discover the safari park on foot or in your own car; you can get really close to the animals.

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... with kids in North-Brabant

Sleep over...

All the accommodation in the brand new Safari Resort is spread over two savannas and the lion enclosure. In other words, you sleep among the animals. Giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, rhinos, antelopes, waterbucks and ostriches roam around the savannas. And what could be cooler than to be woken by the roar of a lion! In addition to almost 1500 wild animals and the Safari Resort, Beekse Bergen also has an extensive holiday park with beautiful Jungalows, a campsite in lovely woodland surroundings and Speelland (Play Land), a water and play park. Children will have the time of their lives here!

"Is this region in Europe the best for family Travel?"

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